Through My Window did not get through my mind — A Través de Mi Ventana Personal Review

I have been busting my ass to learn Spanish through whichever channel there is. Duolingo, songs, movies, books, you name it. My Netflix list has changed from Nordic to Spanish series, so once I saw there was a new Spanish film on my homepage, I immediately added it to my list and finally got the chance to watch it today. I put a lot of expectations, especially knowing that the film was set in Barcelona.

This is an amateur film review and highly personal, so this may be far from perfect. Although this movie may not be my cup of tea, this could be yours. Mind you, there will be spoilers ahead.

In short, the film tells a story about Raquel who has been stalking her neighbor, Ares, one of the Alpha 3 brothers. A high school student coming from an “average” class falling for the heir of a lucrative company. One day, Ares hacks into Raquel’s Wi-Fi and sees everything inside her computer, invading her privacy. Their love-hate story departs from that point.

The idea, on one point, is quite creative—I mean—I have never heard or read a story that takes place from a Wi-Fi connection, but the whole point is cliché and too common. How many times have we seen a movie about a love story between a common girl and a well-off guy where the guy’s family objects to his decision? It has appeared too many times that I start to think that the idea is not so original anymore.

Because of the class disparity between the two of them, I thought it would be more logical if Raquel and Ares didn’t live as neighbors since I thought the filthy-rich families would live in exclusive neighborhoods. The film did show the differences between their houses, but I always thought that affording a house in a fine neighborhood would cost them too much (I am assuming that Ares lives in an (at least) fine neighborhood considering how posh his parents are). Especially if she’s also working at the weekends and has a single mother (who works as a caterer in one of the Alpha 3 parties). My experience living in Barcelona made me think that affording to live in a house in that city is highly lavish (I only lived there for 3 months but, hey. I know some things).

As for the plot, I do think that it feels rushed and Raquel and Ares’ relationship could jump from one point to the other real quick. I know that a real relationship can also be unpredictable, but as a viewer, I didn’t get much information on what led Ares or Raquel to make certain decisions in the movie. If the point was to depict the instability or unpredictability in teenagers’ relationships, I don’t think the movie nailed it. The ending was rushed as well, problems are resolved hastily without the viewers knowing what led to the resolutions.

Sex sells. I know that. A lot of movies have proven it. But at this point, movies like this are just throwing off sex scenes to “add up some spices”. As much as sex can be meaningless to some people, the highlight of this movie is Ares getting out of his comfort zone and being vulnerable by falling in love with Raquel. I suppose the movie can portray their sex scenes more intimately rather than just Ares shoving his hand to Raquel’s thighs whenever he likes. At least one scene.

This may not be an important point, but I thought they would speak some Catalan since it was filmed in Barcelona. Nevertheless, it doesn’t influence my review above.

If you’re looking for a sweet, rom-com movie, I wouldn’t recommend it to you. But if you’re looking for a sexual (I’m not saying it’s intimate, it’s not up to my “intimacy” standards) romantic drama movie, there you go.



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Adelaide Livia

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