I Hate Ginny & Georgia on Netflix because It Hits Too Close to Home

I might’ve spoiled something to relate my story to the series, but I tried my best not to spoil too much. :)

This newly released 10 episode on Netflix is becoming the talk of social media these days, particularly because there includes derogatory jokes like, “you go through men faster than Taylor Swift” on the last episode of the series. Well, it’s too bad that Netflix still made such jokes, but that’s another topic for another writing.

This series hit too close to home, for me. No, I’m Indonesian with Chinese descent, I do not get along with neighbors — frankly because I have none that I know that much of — we do not live in a glamourous big house, my mom does not do illegal things to get me and she is definitely not dating someone who is political.

But she is a single parent. She raised me without a husband figure. I grew up without a father figure. Just like Georgia who strongly raised her kids with no men around. I bet in a single heartbeat that they’d both do anything to protect their kids, to do anything so that their kids do not have to live the lives they had. They both want what they think is best for the kids.

They are just way too similar.

And I am developing a love-hate relationship with this series.

Just like Georgia, my mom is strong. That sounds basic, but let me tell you, she is strong. Both to her and me. She does not easily show emotions because she thinks it is a waste. She often chooses to take everything logically because feelings can cause you stupidity. She builds her guards up high so anyone could not stomp on her. Not again.

And she taught me the same thing as Georgia did. She always taught me to fight back. She never wanted me to be calm and all that kind and apologizing. No. If anyone touches me, either I have to get back at them or my mom will.

And — probably not very similar to Ginny — I never, ever, got back at those people. At least no, physically. Because I know that I could never have the will to fight back, I often distance myself from any fighting-related situation. And it also leads me to avoiding problems.

I somehow might relate to Ginny. I hated when my mom hides anything from me. I wanted to be treated like an adult, like an equal. I thought that she was selfish, that she over-protected me just because she did not want me to have the life she didn’t have. Oh, yes. I was that mean to think something like that.

But then, I realized. All my mother did was always protecting me. She’s had a life before I did and although that does not make her know everything, she knows much more than me. She might not know one or two things that I know, but she knows much more. And I used to deny the fact. I was denial.

My mom probably does not know how to love in a right way. She just splashed everything to me and that leads me to apply the same way to my partners.


Maybe it is because she never got the chance to. Because all men in her life are shits, except her father. She did not spend her time balancing her love for a husband and a kid, she spent all of it to her only daughter.

And when I think about it again, it is not essential for her to know how to love. It is not necessary for her to love me in a right way. Because when I think about it, everything that she has given me and done for me is more than enough. It is what she knows and thinks that will protect me.

It’s a thought that counts.



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Adelaide Livia

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