Madrid, 2021. Adelaide Livia.

Everyone is going forward.

Everyone is getting a new job.

Everyone is graduating.

And here she is, browsing for another book to buy, with guilt creeping inside her.

She knows she shouldn’t feel wrong to do things that sit right with her. But she also knows that she has to…

This question may just have triggered people to bash me right away. Of course, we all should mourn and drown in sadness when facing death; either it’s our loved ones or people in general. There is only one way to respond: grief. But why can’t I do the same? I…

i am tired.

can i go home?

which one?

whichever that feels like it.

how could you know

when you’re dead inside already

not being able

to feel anything at all?

i am not dead inside.

i can feel something.

i just do not know what it is.

what’s the point of feeling

if you don’t even know

what it is?

if you can’t even pour it down

into words?

i am tired.

can i go home?

he was in pain,

he has lost,

he has suffered,

he has been left alone.

society told him to man up,

and so he did.

he vocalized his feelings,

he stopped being denial,

he stopped closing himself,

he stopped being hard on himself,

and for once,

he did what society has told him,

to man up.


dedicated to all men out there who are afraid to speak up regarding their feelings.

Adelaide Livia

a literature student who probably hasn’t read your books-every-literature-student-has-read list.

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